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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pretty Boy... hubby's gonna have somethin' to say about this post, but it's just too cute.  Isaac has always had a shoe of any kind, 'blip blops' (flip flops) are his favorite, so we finally got him a 'manly' pair.  But he walked into the kitchen the other day with this headband on and I nearly snorted my milk out!  Yes, I know you wanted to know that.'s my pretty boy.  Even if it only lasted for a moment.  The point is, he's cute no matter what he does.  He desperately needs a hair cut but he's so darned ticklish that he won't sit still enough for a professional haircut...


  1. Too cute! You know, in a 'secure in his gender' sort of way...


  2. Love the photo... great to capture these funny moments!


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