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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still Goin' Strong...

That's our sentiments after celebrating our 14th Anniversary this past week! August 19th was the day and it was a beautiful day all around! It started with the sun shining, was 'interrupted' with a beautiful bouquet of flowers while I was out in the yard workin' up a sweat, and it moved on to a lovely dinner and a much deserved date night! This time of year is typically Rob's busiest, besides in December when he gets all his baby chicks. It's hay season here and he's been workin' some pretty long hours so it meant a lot that he made time for me on our special day. Now, before you look at those flowers and say, 'you call that a bouquet?' you just bite your tongue! This bouquet meant so much to me because Rob knows that these are some of my favorite flowers as well as the fact that I think roses and such are over-rated and much too expensive. Now girls, not that I haven't loved getting roses in my lifetime, but these flowers are just a little more 'me'. We dropped the kids off at my parents' place and headed off for a fun and yummy dinner on the patio at Milestone's. After a leisurely dinner we took a loooong walk hand in hand. It was the perfect day. We took some time to reflect on where God has brought us in these past years, struggles and triumphs, and what our hopes and dreams for the future are. I am so thankful for this man in my life. He never gives up, He always trusts the Lord. I already 'waved his banner' in his birthday post a few posts back so I'll leave at that. Enjoy the pics...there's the flowers, the 'then' and the 'now'. Apparently I need to get the kids to start taking more pics of us cuz this is the best I had!


  1. you guys are so cute! love the bouquet. and i think, no i know, i had the same haircut when i got married lol

  2. You guys are a wonderful couple and we are glad to call you friends. God has brought you through a lot over the last few years. My prayer for you is that you will continue to trust Him to strenthen your marriage through whatever lies ahead.

  3. So glad to hear how much you still love your husband after all these years. I know times can be tough for every couple and you've weathered you're fair share of trials, especially in the last few years! Keep up the good work, dedication, focus and love for each and God will honor that commitment! Love you both and look forward to spending many more years celebrating a beautiful relationship.

  4. So sweet pictures!! Both of you are looking nice!! Flowers are my favorite!!


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