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Monday, August 17, 2009


One of our favorite activities of summer is camping. Rob and I have camped together since day one and it's always been something we both enjoy. We were just laughing the other day while we reminisced about our very first camping trip as a married couple. We were driving my little Chevy Sprint, that Rob didn't even really fit in, and we did the Oregon Coast. We had that little car packed to the brim with camping supplies and he had brought gifts for our anniversary and my b-day along too. Such great memories! Well, so much has changed since then but we still love camping! We have a trailer that we clean up and load in Spring and that way it's ready to go when we are. This year we went back to Wenberg State Park in Washington. We had been there a couple of years ago with a big group of friends and enjoyed it so much we decided to go back. Wenberg is situated about 10-15 minutes off the I-5 and about 1/2 hour North of Seattle. It has a beautiful Lake for us to enjoy and playground and such for the kids. This year our friends 'The Tams' joined us for their first ever camping trip. They borrowed their parents truck and trailer and away we all went. Between the two families there are 11 of us so we were busy! One of our highlights of the trip was a day at the Seattle Zoo...I'll do a later post on that, but for now here are a few pics from our week of chillaxin'. The weather was perfect, the outlets were close;) and good times were had by all! Lots of campfires, visiting and walks in the evenings. We even had some friends stop by for a visit on Saturday night...thanks Rich and Shell...that was a fun evening!


  1. and you were thiiiiiiiiiiis close to Forks! ;)

  2. I know...I thought of you many a time my dear Fork Frenzy Friend.


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