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Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Idle hands here...

This week seems to be flying by and I thought it was about time I did another post! It's been an exciting week celebrating the birth of two little girls in our new, big hospital. We are so excited for these 2 families as they welcome these two precious lives. Our love and congrats go out to these couples who we consider our own church family. They are both wonderful families and we wish them love and happiness as they raise their new little ones for the Lord.

Well, as you can see in the pictures, my hands have been busy this week...with the weather changing it seems as though I'm starting to feel the push to get going on creating product for our upcoming open houses and sales. (see side bar for dates) These latest creations have been fun as they use funky Christmas colors that compliment each other. I've done the two runners using a 'farmer's daughter' block pattern. The other square piece is for a Christmas table topper similar to the fall ones I mentioned in an older post. They are a little bit of work.....100 little pieces to be exact, but they are so cute and the fall ones were very popular! The other runner you see is one I had also previously posted after I had just pieced the three it has the sashing and borders on. None of these pieces are near being finished....they still need batting, backing, quilting of some sort and then, back to work I go! Well, that's it for today....thanks for checking in.


  1. Wow, these are beautiful! What's the block called on the top right and where did you buy that green striped fabric? I "need" some!

  2. Lookin good... makin me look bad...

  3. Wow! You are my hero. :) It would take me all year to make just one of those projects. (And at the end of the year I'd probably be crying on your doorstep asking you to help me!!)
    I'm looking forward to your sale. I'm going to write it on my calendar so I make sure I can come this year.

  4. you gals are the supportive and you make me sounds so much better than I really am:)

  5. oops...sorry Cindy, didn't answer your's called farmers daughter or something..the runners use exactly the same block pattern, just different colors...its funny how different they look eh? The green stripe is a cheapy find from Joanne's...I can look for you next time I'm down if you like.

  6. thanks for the info, And! I figured it would be from Joanns. We should take a day trip down there again sometime! I'll have to look up that block at I really like it! Right now I'm working on a double friendship block in some fun Christmas fabric from fabricland.


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