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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All things bright and beautiful!

This is a glorious day here in BC....every colored leaf is at it's peak! I just couldn't resist snapping a few pics for your viewing pleasure...and mine, of course! I know that our fall display out here is not nearly as breathtaking as those on the east coast but we give them a good run for their money! These pics were all snapped from some vantage point in our doesn't matter which window I look out of these days there is colour galore! Fall has always been my favorite season and I don't find it hard to stay within the speed limits so I can take in the beautiful scenery...we take a different road home from school each day just so we can see God's latest art exhibit! Hope you are having a beautiful Fall day wherever you are!


  1. I was thinking the other, day as we drove up to your place, that photos there would be spectacular! And I see that you have taken some beautiful ones!!


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