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Monday, October 6, 2008

a-MAZE-ingly wet....

Yep, we braved the rain on Saturday afternoon and headed off to the Chiliwack Corn Maze with a bunch of friends. Well, it was just overcast when we left, slightly spitting when we arrived, and by the time we got started...out and out raining/pouring! We mucked through the mud of phase 1 of the corn maze, although it wasn't too difficult since the correct path was blazed in fresh mud! We're talking sideways, slippery cornstalks blowing with rain in our faces....ahh, the things we won't do in the name of fun! It was so wet that we didn't get too many pictures but here's a few. Once we were done phase 1 (we didn't brave phase 2) we had a quick look in the barn at the animals, and some of the kids rode the ride-on tractors. 'My' men were decked out in their John Deere duds so we took advantage of the dry barn to snap some pictures. We had planned on spending the afternoon there having a hot dog roast in the provided pit but our plans quickly changed and we headed to some friends' house for a bbq with the gang....and to dry out! Fun day despite the weather.

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  1. First of all... No, I am not always on the computer!
    And second of all... that blue raincoat looks awfully familiar!

    Ahhh...the Lower Rainland!


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