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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Search & Rescue...

Well, we've had quite the couple of weeks with animals! Yesterday Rob had a super busy know, gotta make hay while the sun shines...well in our house that's literal! So, Rob comes up to the house yesterday and says, "I gotta get baling but there's a mewing coming from inside the baler!" So, we headed out to the machine, which has been sitting idle for a few weeks, and sure enough, we could hear a kitten. Finding it was another had somehow either been born, or relocated to the inner workings of the machine. So after much coaxing we got her out. Rob's hands were pretty scratched up from both the kitten and from trying to get his big hands in a little space but she's rescued. So, now what???? We are dog people, not really cat people. We've had cats in the past but we have awful, and I do mean awful, luck with cats. So, catsy is up for grabs....any takers? We think she's about 4 weeks old, very strong and loves attention..just ask my girls! I love that even though my hubby was in a huge hurry he took the time to rescue this little helpless animal. Not everyone would have taken the time or the care to do it.....but hey, he is a farmer after all!


  1. Awwww, Rob! Ya big softie... I always knew you had it in you!

    ...maybe it's time for Java to have a little sister... but we'd have to keep with the "hot beverage" theme for a name... hmmm... she kinds looks like a London Fog...?

    (I'll talk to Robyn...)

  2. What a cute story.... but sorry - don't want a cat... don't really like them!!! My kids keep asking for one because we had some when we lived on the farm. But those cats were for function (mice - bleh!) and thankfully we haven't seen any mice in our new place. Hope you find a happy home for her soon!


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