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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saying Goodbye....

Well, we've had a pretty rough week around here with our pets...but for now I'll just share about our farm dog Sheba. Sheba was just a puppy when I met Rob 15 years ago. I would go visit him at the farm and Sheba would always greet me...even jumped on my car once! Once we married we lived on the farm for 7 years and Sheba became part of our 'family'. Once we moved off the farm she quickly found a loving 'new' family with the Blakely's. Sheba was the most gentle, loving dog. She had a very special bond with Rob...they are actually very similar in personality! Sheba had a beautiful black fur coat in her younger days....Rob says it's because she ate so many eggs off the farm. Sheba was a very faithful farm dog...she put many miles on while she travelled alongside Rob as he drove the tractor up and down fields. Well, a few years ago Sheba started showing signs of age. She started to have troubles seeing and hearing. In the last few months her body started to fail her and she could no longer function well. Rob made the heartbreaking decision to have her put down, so, at 10 am this morning our farm vet came out and ever so gently sent her into a peaceful, permanent sleep. Poor Sheba. We have many fond memories and pictures of Sheba...these are some of the ones we took yesterday when the kids and I went to say one last goodbye. We'll miss you Sheba, but we're glad you won't suffer anymore.


  1. Wow! Great pics! She really was an old lady wasn't she?

    God gave your family a great life with her, and some great memories to look back on. I'm glad you were able to make this decision because it was probably a lot easier for you this way.

    Thinkin of you all!
    xox Kim and Robyn and the girls

  2. Oh wow, you have had a tough week haven't you! I'm sorry for your losses. You did a beautiful post though, what a lovely tribute.


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