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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hole in the Barn Door.....

Well, not in our barn thank goodness! That's the name of the quilt pieced block you see here. I'm in such a creative mood these days..I think it's the change in weather. It's nice to turn on the radio, sip a cup of mojo and choose a project...other than housework of course! I love this color combo you see....although the blue doesn't look true in this picture. I'm planning on making these into a runner. I can't remember the names of these fabrics...some were just scraps that I had and the others were fat quarters I bought somewhere and can't remember the line.

In true Andrea fashion I've put the unfinished one aside and started a new one using the brown/green/coral combo you see above. This particular color series is called "Shangri-La" by Moda Fabrics. Picking colors is half the battle...sometimes it's super easy and other times its a time waster! The challenging part for me is now going back and finishing all the started projects...which there happens to be 4 waiting in the wings. Time to get busy! thanks for checking in!


  1. Hi Andrea! LOVE the quilt blocks!!
    the colors are fantastic!

    I am assigning partners for the ornament swap and need your mailing and email address. Could you email them to me please...:)

  2. Hi Andrea! I love your fabric choices and those blocks look amazing! I made a small quilt top using shangri la in a disappearing nine patch pattern with a piano key border. Rhonda is going to quilt it for me.

    Are you getting lots done for your Christmas sales?

  3. You are so creative girl! I love seeing what you're working on!!

  4. Ok so I am really serious about that get-away... is there any way it could be done? I'd be fine with no sleep and no food as long as there were no obligations and no kids! (Not meaning any one child in particular! I've spent the evening dueling with one of my own tonight!)


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