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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Belated Celebration...

Although Olivia turned 8 at the end of August, we just got around to having 'the party' this past weekend. I all too easily remember having an end of the summer b-day....quite often either we were on holidays or all my friends were on holidays but Mom always made sure we had a party! Well, we did celebrate many times over with Olivia...once in Osoyoos, a family party when we came home and finally the 'friends' party...only this year we did something different! I offered Olivia the option of inviting one friend to do the "Build-A-Bear" Workshop. You have to understand that up here in Canada it's still a novelty as it's only located in a few places in BC and is quite expensive. So, she invited her friend and her friends Mom suggested making it a ladies night out and heading 'across the line', as we so fondly use the term for crossing the border to the States. It involves a little wait and some organization with identification but its a fun outing...especially for those of us who only live a few minutes from 'the line'. As it isn't an easy task to take someone else's child across the border I was more than happy to take a mom along so I'd have someone to visit with too! We left from school and headed down to Bellingham for a fun day of build a bear and of course some shopping too...the dollar is pretty good right now! My favorite stops are bath and body works and Target! We ended off the evening with dinner at Red Robins and headed back was a great day! Olivia named her dog 'Alexa' and Laura named her monkey 'Tommy'. It's almost as much fun clothes shopping for the stuffies as it is shopping for the kids!


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