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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Starts...

Finally!  Finally we've had some summer weather around here.  It's the end of July and temps are starting to head into the 20's!  This is so unusual.  Usually by now we've had a few heat waves, temps have hit the 30's and we're complaining about how hot it is.  Instead, the kids have hardly swam in the pool, there's no issues with having the oven on to make dinners, and patio dining is nearly non-existent!  This last week things brightened up and we took full advantage of it!  We took an evening and headed out to the coast to watch a flight demonstration by our beloved Snowbirds flying team, followed by a movie under the stars on the beach.  The weather was great, but for some reason the Snowbirds started their show almost a 1/2 hour early (while we were still looking for parking) and by the time we actually sat down to enjoy the was over!  We were SO disappointed!  I managed to get a few parting shots before they flew away, but, man, were we disappointed! 

Luckily, we were with friends and we made the evening fun despite things.  We had our picnic supper on the beach, played some cards, walked, and hung out to watch the movie 'Rio'.  It was a late night, but a fun way to spend a much deserved summer evening.

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  1. I love how you managed to get some decent pictures of the evening! It was a fun time and a VERY well deserved gogeous day!


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