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Monday, March 21, 2011

More Pinwheels...

I was pleasantly surprised with a bonus sewing evening last night.  Rob had to ship out birds last night which usually translates into him being gone for about 12 hours from afternoon to early morning.  I wanted to get the kids into bed at a decent time, even though it's Spring Break.  Too many late nights makes for unpleasant days!  So, kids were in their jammies by 7pm and I was still trying to decide what I was going to do with a quiet evening all to myself.  Kim phoned around 7 and we were chatting about our weekends, even though we'd spent a few hours on Saturday sewing together...we never seem to run out of topics for conversation!  Kim and I are really enjoying working on our pinwheel samplers and when we realized over the phone that we both had a free evening we thought, 'why not?' in, why not get together and sew?  So, Kim grabbed her stuff, kindly picked up coffees and came over.  The house was so quiet it was unbelievable!  The kids were great, gave me no bedtime problems and Kim and I sewed uninterrupted for...are you ready...5.5 hours!  It was so great...I got a good chunk of work done on my pinwheels and thoroughly enjoyed myself to boot! 

This collage shows the process of putting 'hst' (half square triangles) together.  This quilt is made up almost entirely of 3 7/8" squares.  Each of the neutral squares gets a line drawn diagonally down the centre, then it gets paired with a patterned square (right sides together) and I sew a 1/4" on either side of the line.  Once sewn, the square gets cut down the middle along the line, then you iron open the two new squares.  The pinwheels are all pieced from these squares.  The work isn't hard, just a little redundant and seam picky!  The pinwheel shown at the top of this post is the one of the ones I was working on here... 

These blocks are some of my favourites..they are nice and 'scrappy' looking...

P.S...I'm not showing you the rest of the blocks now until they're all finished and ready to be sewn together...but, that's not far from now..only 4 more blocks to go!


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