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Friday, March 18, 2011

You know it's Spring when...

Yep, you know it's Spring when the baby calves start to arrive!  We love our farming lifestyle and calving season is no exception!  In fact, it's one of our most favourite times of the year here at the farm.  The combination of it being Spring Break for the kids and then calves starting to be born has created some serious excitement over here!  The first calf was born this past Wednesday, then 3 yesterday, and another 3 today! 
Although chicken/egg farming is our main focus, the cows have a special place in our family.  10 years ago when Olivia was born her Opa gave her a calf in honour of her birth.  He did the same for Abby when she was born.  Olivia's cow became her pet and grew to give her many other baby calves until we had to have her put down last year.  So, we re-named her last calf Livi and the cycle continues!  Abby's cow has had three calves now, first Arlie, then Arlyss and now yesterday, baby Ariel arrived!  The names are not always random...the rule is that they must be named beginning with the first letter of their mama's name.  This is how we keep track of who's who in the herd!  We've had many a laugh naming calves over the years. Once one of the girls' cows has a bull, then we'll get Isaac his cow!  The cows are so beautiful right now with their curly soft winter coats.  Here's a few pics to share what's going on at the farm...(you can click to enlarge)

Here's 'Livie' who has both her mom and her owner's namesake!

Here's Bella and her mom Bell. Bella was born at 2pm this afternoon and was up and on her feet by 2:30!  Her momma accidently stepped on her and hurt her so we're keeping a close eye on her for the next couple of hours.

Here's Baby Aron who was also born today...
Here's Papa Bull.  You don't want to mess with him.  He is the father of..well, all of them!
These next pictures are of Abby's baby calf.  Her calf was born yesterday and is very healthy and strong!
Did I mention that I love this time of year?  Cuz I do.


  1. you are making me want a cow now too. Don't you love the farm life sometimes.

  2. That is so cool Andrea! Thank you for sharing your excitement with us and all the cute pictures too...what a great experience for your kids!

  3. Andrea, that bull picture deserves to be printed in sepis or black and white, enlarged, and hung in a place of honor! It's awesome!

    Fantastic pics, fantastic post!


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