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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Six...

phew, glad I didn't have to type sixteen instead of six!  It hardly seems possible that our little Abby is 6 years old already!  Abby celebrated her Birthday this past week and we started off with a family party.  Abby was in her glory.  Dress on, face washed, hair done, and re-done, and ready to party.  One of the beautiful things about Abby is her ability to be so transparent.  Whatever Abby is feeling is right at the surface of her being.  Abby was so full of joy on this particular evening.  She had requested a barbie cake, and a barbie cake she got.  She enjoyed time with her cousins, opening gifts, and showing her gratitude to each of her party guests by thanking them with a hug after opening each present.  It was so fun to see our little girl so happy and excited to celebrate.  So, Abby, on your 6th Birthday we wish you a wonderful year ahead, filled with the things you love! 

A little about our sweet six year old girl:
She's wild and crazy and always up for an adventure!
She's dramatic and wears her heart on her sleeve.
She thrives on affirmation and affection, and gives it back just as quickly
She's an outdoor girl and loves nature and animals
She's always singing....always, always singing
She comes up with the best one liners. Ever.
She has an imagination like no other
She loves her brother and sister
She's a cook at heart and loves to help in the kitchen
She's quick to help and usually cheerful in spirit 
She seems like she's never paying attention, but she hears everything!
She has a wise old soul and says and understands things far beyond her years
She loves her heavenly Father and seems to understand His love for her
She's a tomboy, who wears dresses.  And ruins them. All the time.
She's already boy crazy and has a crush on her gym teacher.  Heaven help us.
She's a precious gift that we are so thankful for

Here's Abby giving Uncle Ken a huge hug to thank him for the gift certificate entitling her to her first ever flight with Uncle Ken. 

Happy Birthday Abby, you are so loved.


  1. Beautiful post Andrea! Just don't blink... next time it WILL be 'teen'!

  2. So sweet. Her dress is darling. She's so amazing, as is her mama.

  3. looks like a wonderful birthday. beautiful post Andrea!

  4. Andy, those were beautiful truths about your precious Abby! What a great post!


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