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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My funny Valentines...

Valentines Day is always a reason to celebrate around here!  What could be better than another 'excuse' to shower love on the ones we love?  Our day started out pretty normal here.  Hubby dropped the girls off at school and then snuck back home to leave gifts for them on their beds.  He kept with tradition and brought each of the kids a fun helium balloon with some sort of treat attached to the bottom.  The girls' balloons had smarties on them and Isaac's had a small bag of timbits!  I love that he thinks of each child as an individual when picking out their balloon and the treat to go with it!  I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful single red rose and a box of chocolates accompanied by a meaningful card.  The kids were shown more love with special cards from their grandpa and grandma and some treats to go with it.  Dad and Mom gave me the adorable little primrose along with my favourite chocolates. The kids had their celebrations at school and we ended the day with a strawberry waffle feast for supper!  It warms my heart to see our children so thrilled with a simple balloon...sure, the balloon is fun, but the look in their eyes when they thank their Daddy for the gift is all I need on Valentines Day!


  1. That is very cool that Rob does that. What a great man you married!

  2. sounds like a wonderful day. love what Rob does for the kids.


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