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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on the 'Village'...

So far, so good.  If you'll remember from previous posts, I've been plugging away at my Village Sampler Quilt.  It's one of the big 'to do' projects on my list.  I'm down to the nitty gritty details.  Lots of hand applique and lots of 'picky' work. Sewing tiny pieces of fabric, burning my fingertips while ironing those tiny pieces of fabric, and then manipulating those pieces into where they need to be on the quilt.  As you can see here I've managed to get the store 'fronts' on, and the sign on the Inn, and now I'm hand appliqueing the one of the trees.  This particular tree is a LOT of work.  Each branch is an individual piece of fabric that is hand stitched on.  Once the branches are on, I'll need to fuse on the apples and the leaves and then sew them down.  Lots of work, but it'll be a cute tree when it's all done.  This is perfect hand sewing work for these winter nights.  My favourite farmer builds me a roaring fire and we sit and watch a movie before bed each night.  My toes stay warm by the fire and my hands stay busy stichin'. 

'Post' Post Edit:  Realizing that it looks as though everything needs a trim of threads and a good iron, but hey it IS a work in progress people!


  1. Lookin great, girlfriend! Now if only we could take a little break from all the quilting and take the hubbys and visit the 'Inn' and 'Antiques' shop for real... maybe if we'd added a 'Quilts' then we could have called it a working holiday!


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