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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missing magnets..

I miss having magnets.  I miss being able load up my fridge with pictures of all our friends and family.  Every year the photocards come at Christmas and I love them.  I display them proudly on clotheslines throughout the house. 

So, in lieu of having a magnetic fridge, I trim them all down and crop them as much as I can and then load up my photo stand with a huge collage of all our peeps.  I love passing this collage multiple times each day and being reminded of times with friends and laughter we've shared, and also remembering a friend to pray for during the week.  So here's this year's collage...

Ps..don't panic, if you're picture isn't front and center, you will be rotated half way through the year!


  1. I would looooooove to not have magnets on my fridge. love what you've done with the pictures; such a great idea

  2. hey andrea, where did you get your photo stand? love, Mom

  3. i got the photo stand years ago from Grandma's attic. They're hard to find..but I'll keep my eyes open Mom:)


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