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Monday, May 3, 2010

A prezzie from Mom...

My mom is a great gift giver! She always THINKS she is taking a gamble on a gift, but she always gives me beautiful, and personal gifts! A few weeks ago Mom and Dad were at a swap meet in Maple Ridge and mom found a building that had some neat kitchen antiques. Had I known...I would've been there!! It is hard to find cool antiques up here in Canada...they seem to be more common down in the States. Anyway, Dad had told me that Mom had found something for me at this swap meet. Mom said she didn't know if I'd even like it...but, guess what? I LOVED it!
This is an antique egg scale! My hubby says he remembers these from 'back in the day'. Being that we're egg farmers this is the perfect gift for me! I think it is so cool and I love the label on it. It fits in perfect in my kitchen...and, it works! (I had to try it out with several sizes of eggs:)
Thanks're the bestest!


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