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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Mother's Day...

Mother's Day weekend was a busy one around here, but it was also a special one! The week leading up to Mother's Day had been just CRAZY!! All you moms know what I'm talking about...a gazillion errands, events out the wazoo, trips to the dr's...etc, etc. Anyway, by the time I made it to the weekend I thought I might just lock myself in a room with a good book! But, my family went to big effort to make me feel loved. I woke up to breakfast in, here's the kicker, my hubby doesn't cook, but HE DID! I had bacon and eggs, a fresh coffee from Tim Horton's and even fresh flowers the girls had picked! Talk about shocked! I told hubby that now that I know he can cook he's in big trouble;)
We went to church and then in the afternoon I prepared a meal for my Mom. My family came over and we had a wonderful time together visiting and laughing! I received lovely gifts and cards from hubby and kiddos, and a beautiful card from my parents! I am truly blessed. I picked a special menu for supper hoping it was all my moms favourites...let's just say no one had any complaints! We had bbq'd ribs ( I must post this recipe from a friend...they were fabulous) and baked potatoes with the fixin's, salad, garlic bread, veggies, and we topped it all off with Strawberry shortcake....ate WAY too much but enjoyed every minute of it!
The older I get, (which for the record is not too old;) the more I realize how important the example of a good Mom is for a home. I am so thankful to my Mom for her priorities and love in our home growing up. I love you Mom!

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