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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good to go...

for another year I hope! I always look forward to strawberry season. They are hands down my favorite fruit..although pineapple is a close second! Local strawberries are so tasty here but the weather always reeks havoc on them. So this year when we had beautiful weather all through strawberry season I had super high expectations for these berries, too high apparently. It seems that despite the beautiful weather we had the berries weren't all that great. They tasted ok, but they were usually mushy and dirty looking. I would pop by the local stands every few days to pick up a basket for us to enjoy for snack and dessert, but was never super impressed. Oh well, what matters is that I got my jam done! My family has an addiction to strawberry jam it would seem. Every year I make jars and yet we run out before the next season hits...and that's along with raspberry and peach jam too! I don't mind jam every now and then on a piece of toast, but the rest of the fam inhales it! My hubby loves it on waffles too. So, 30lbs of berries later, I've got 50 jars of jam and lots of containers in the freezer for smoothies and such. Next I'll do a little raspberry, and then some peach once we scoop up a box on the way home from Osoyoos!


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