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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birdie Bag...

Very rarely do I decide to make a project just for me. Sometimes I start a project thinking that I'll keep it but in the end I usually end up selling it. I've had my eye on a few Amy Butler patterns for awhile now and Kim and I finally 'bit the bullet' and decided to make these for ourselves. We each chose our preferred fabric and went to work. This particular pattern by Amy Butler is called the Birdie Sling. It's quite large and could double for a diaper bag if needed, but also sports as a funky beach bag/tote. It's beautifully lined with pockets galore! It takes quite a bit of fabric and uses a lot of interfacing for stability. I think that when I make a few of these for sale for the fall I will do it assembly line style so that it all gets done at once! Kim's already found some fun fabric to start on a few more of these too. Head on over to Kim's blog for a peak at hers....although I love the sunny weather these past few days have been almost unbearable. It's too hot to garden or work at anything so I may just sit and sew while the kids enjoy the pool!

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  1. It's a honey of a bag sure! It was great making it with you... and yes, I finally do believe the number of drop-ins you get in a day! Sheesh! Miss Popular or something!

    Sew... what's the next project for us?


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