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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Orders Up....

I was on a roll with orders until life decided to throw a curve ball, or 2 my way. About 3 weeks ago I came down with a brutal cold which then led to fever, chills, stomach flu, hospital visit, and eventually, sinus infection. I was down and out for the count for almost 3 weeks but am happy to report that all is got all kinds of bugs too but we're all good now. I gave the house a good disinfecting so let's hope that's it for us for awhile!
Anyway...all of that to say that my orders were put back a little as a result. I couldn't deliver the ones I had done because we did not want to pass this flu on to anyone else, and I didn't have the energy to complete the ones that needed finishing. Well all is good now....the set of 3 aprons for mom and girls is in the hands of some happy customers. I'll have to get a pic of them all wearing them and show it off to you down the road...they turned out sooo cute, if I do say so myself:)

For today, here's some pics of a larger order I did for a friend. It started with the quilt which was almost done when she saw it, then I personalized it for her adorable little girl by stitching her name on the border, and then made some matching crib sheets to go with it all. The crib sheets were a first for me! Although they were a little picky, in the end I was really happy with how they turned fact, so happy that I may just make a few for my little guy! I'm in the market for some vintage aiplane fabric if you see any.
Hope everyone is healthy in your home....
bye for now.


  1. What a pretty quilt! I made crib sheets... once. That was enough!

  2. It all turned out so great! Hmmm... maybe I should have another baby and order some sheets from you...

  3. Thanks Cindy...and Kim, I dare ya!

  4. Wow, the quilt is gorgeous! And so are the aprons - Ryan took a picture of all of us wearing them, I'll post it soon!

  5. love the quilt-so pretty and pink

    i'm no where near brave enough to try crib sheets lol


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