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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Popular Placemats...

I have made enough placemats in the past few months to set a table for the masses!  I have enjoyed creating different colour combos in these and recently completed a custom order for these black, grey and white placemats with a matching runner.  I think they have a fun, contemporary look to them. This order was for a set of six.  If you're looking for the name and source of these patterns go HERE to read about it in a previous post!


  1. I love the scalloped edge, those are going to look great on someone's table.

  2. They are already well used! This may become an obsession to order table decor for the season.

  3. Hey... I have a gorgeous set of those in the divine Hometown! (Now to find myself with the opportunity to actually use them!)
    Those look amazing!

  4. So do you have any more of that Black/White material to make another runner? I have been enjoying the one I bought at your sale - but have 2 surfaces need it, but only the one. What you think?

    Sharon E

  5. I love the look of these placemats and runner, very nice!


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