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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Special Gift...

If you read my previous post then you'll know that my Grandmother recently passed away.  My mom and her siblings met at Grandma's apartment to sort through her things and pack them up.  Each child was given a turn to pick something that was meaningful to them.  My mom used her turn to pick Grandma's remaining China.  Mom gifted me this China as a way I could remember my tea parties with my Gram.  Although I don't remember drinking tea from this particular China, it is such a special gift to me.  Thank you Mom.  My girls and I will enjoy special tea parties with Nana's China!  This particular China is made by Royal Albert, and the pattern is called 'Brigadoon'.


  1. what a lovely thing for your mom to do. it's very pretty china.

  2. What a lovely gift passed down. I do like the pattern.

  3. Yeah, that will be so much fun for you and your girls.

  4. What a pretty tea set... a great way to remember your Grandma. I love having a few of my Grandma's things around my house as a constant reminder of her.


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