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Friday, January 6, 2012

It Was a Memorable Tree!

Well, our 2011 live Christmas tree will sure go down in history as one of our more memorable trees! 
I'll sum it up in point form:
- It was a beautiful, full tree with a wonderful aroma
- We purchased it from our friends Mark & Sarah, in honour of their brand new baby daughter, Megan.
- The funds for the tree went straight to Mark & Sarah's work at the Music for Life    School in Ughanda. 
   (Where the African Children's Choir children are educated)
- It was a huge tree!  So huge we had to cut the trunk way down to fit in the iron tree stand!
- It fell over.  A lot.  I finally got mad enough that I tied it to the wall in 2 places.
- It was infested with spiders.  A lot.  I find about 6 each day crawling on the ceilings all over the house.  And, I walk through cobwebs all over my house. blech.
- It was a beautiful, full tree with a wonderful aroma.  (I had to end on a good note, didn't I?)
A parting shot of our kids with the beautiful William's kids!
(I think they were wondering why Daddy was letting us cut a tree down in their yard!)
Sarah was the ever-gracious hostess who made us hot chocolate.
We all had a nice little snuggle with one week old Megan!
Um, Hon?  Do you need a hand?  HON?

Like I said, memorable.  We had a lovely, quiet evening here where Uncle Ken untangled lights and the kids and Rob decorated.  The carols were on and I was snapping pictures.  I love Christmas, and the tree is a part of that!


  1. Little full... lotta sap.. er, um, spiders...
    It was a real beaut and what a lovely shot of Rob!

  2. That is a big tree if Rob can get lost underneath it :). It looked beautiful. I love real trees, but I do not love fixing the central vac... hence our neat and tidy fake that now occupies our Christmas.

  3. I love the picture of Rob under the tree lol! It was a beautiful tree! Glad I didn't find any spider webs *shudder*

  4. That is awesome Andy! I love the shot of Rob under the tree:) Christmas brings such great feelings hey...reminders of the joy we have and so often a moment of refocusing. Thank you for sharing.


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