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Monday, January 9, 2012

Annual Skate

No Christmas Season is complete without our annual Church Christmas skate!  Isaac, in particular, had anticipated this event for months already.  He was determined that HE was going to skate this year.  I, on the other hand, had decided I might take a 'year off' from skating.  You know, sit on the sidelines, drink Starbucks, visit with my fellow ladies in waiting....So, off we went with our plate of goodies and our winter wear.  We got there, fought the crowds for skate rentals.   Side rant -->  No, we don't have our own skates.  Yes, we live in Canada.  Truth is, it hardly ever gets cold enough in our parts for our pond to freeze over long enough for skating so skates would be a wasted investment...especially for the kiddos who's feet grow every time I'm not looking! <--end of rant.  Ok, where were we?  Oh yes, in line to get our skate rentals and Isaac is adamant that he will NOT be skating.  This was, of course, after we'd already paid.  Sheesh, 3 year olds.  Anyway, long story longer, I got skates simply based on my frugal nature.  If they're paid for then SOMEBODY'S gonna wear them!  What do you think happened?  I was out there, doing my jumps and twirls best to stay upright and Rob skates up to me and says, 'Isaac wants to skate'.  Of course he does.  So....back for another skate rental purchase and alas the Hildebrandts were all skating.  Fun night with peeps.  I am thoroughly enjoying our church community.  Seeing the kids grow up together, seeing the new generation of 'young marrieds' make connections as they start their little families, and feeling at peace with the gift of friendship of so many.  We ended the evening with caroling and goodies, then off to home to put some very tired kiddos to bed.  Ahhh...another memory made!

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