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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still Proud to be a Canuck...

Ack, this is a hard post to write.  I had planned to write up a post on our infamous Canucks and all the joy and fun they've brought to us hockey fans lately.  The orginal post would've been all about how 'we' won the Stanley cup after 40 years of trying, blah, blah, blah. 
Plan B was to write about how 'that's ok, we still made it this far and we're so proud, blah, blah, blah'. 
Plan it goes...
Well, we didn't with the Cup (duh).  But, we did end up with a trashed out city and a lot of negative news coverage.  Fair enough.  But, BUT...we are still proud to be Canadian and still proud of our 'Boys in Blue'!  We are NOT proud of the post-game idiocy displayed.  We are disgusted with some of our fellow Vancouverites.  We want them held accountable for their actions.  We want them to pay for the clean up.  We want them to serve jail time.  We want them fined.  We want them to know how they've embarassed our country and our hockey team.  We want them to know they are not representatives of our Canucks at all.  They are not fans, they are troublemakers.  As to the 'man' who was pictured lighting a rag stuffed into the gas tank of a police car who is now sobbing and seeking forgiveness for his apalling display of rebellion, I have no respect for you.  How ironic that since you've been caught on tape and your identity has been revealed to be that of a potential Olympic contender in water polo, you see the error of your ways.  Guess what buddy?  I say the best punishment for you is to be denied the right to represent your fellow Canadians at any upcoming Olympics. Ever.  Forgiveness: Yes.  Consequences: Absolutely! 
Kudos to the real fans who went in masses to clean up the city.  You are true Canadians and true Canucks!   
Ok, all that being said, we still enjoyed our run for the Cup!  It was such a great time of community and family.  We enjoyed the juggle of calendar life to accomodate the hockey games and all the crazy puck drop times.   I enjoyed making a ton of meals to pack up and go to whomever was nice enough to host us in front of their big screen tv's!  We enjoyed flying the flag on our car.  We enjoyed wearing blue and green as much as possible!  We enjoyed the parade's on South Fraser Way following each victory!  Some say hockey is all consuming, I say it is an opportunity to embrace a fun, patriotic event!  We created some great memories through these last few months.  We spent wonderful time with friends and family.  Sure we're a little sad that we didn't win the cup, but we're also decent enough to admit that Boston is a great team and, in my opinion, was the better hockey team this time around!  We even gave their goalie a standing 'O' when they recieved the cup!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Canucks boys, but fair is fair. long playoffs.  It's been fun...we'll do it all again next year! (only we'll win;)

Some GOOD memories from the playoff season...
What would playoffs be without playoff beards?  Huge tradition here in Vancouver...grow your beard until your team is, this year the beards got bushy.  I kept telling my brother that with the last name McIntosh, and a bushy red beard, he looked like a Scottish clansmen during playoff season!  Way to go Dave...but, for the record, I love you just the way you are!

Even our local coffee chain gets in on the action...there was window art and the famous 'Canucks' donuts!

Everybody has their favourite Canucks logo...mine is the old school 'Halloween' logo that's black, orange and yellow, and Rob likes the Orca logo...

The kids were all in canucks mode...from T-shirts, to hockey sticks (that I tripped over on a daily basis around the house) to face paint and home made signs....

Going over to guests homes was always fun...even home decor was Canucks style!

The purchase of the Canucks flag for the car was an investment in family fun!  Isaac spent many quiet moments in his car seat watching that flag fly!  Mind you, he also screamed in his car seat all the way home when he rolled down the window and bumped the flag off in the middle of an intersection in town!  Uncle Ken rescued the day by showing up with a brand-spankin' new flag for the kids and smiles were restored once again!

Thanks to the 'Boys in Blue' for another memorable hockey season!  Next year:  Same Time, First Place! 


  1. Great post, Andy! Tellin' it like it is... I love it!

    And MAN does Dave EVER look like a recently married member of the royal family. Especially in that pic! You should do a look-alike post!

  2. Well, it is always fun to win, but the real treat is the fun you have had getting there! and it sounds like you had a real treat for a season! Good friends, good food, lots of fun, Now that is a winning season!


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