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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a REAL Snow Day!

We often get false alarm snow days here in the Fraser Valley.  They'll close all the schools down for 1" of snow, and it melts before the day's over, but today it's a REAL snow day!  We recieved the school board automated call this morning (well, 3 calls actually - they need to fine tune the system apparently) telling us that schools are closed!  The kids were thrilled!  I ran out and snapped a few pictures as it's already switching over to freezing rain.  It won't last for long, it never does.  Up at our place we have a good 10".  The kids are getting ready to bundle up and head out and the dogs have been playing out there all morning!


  1. Beautiful photos of your picturesque yard but where are my Snowbabies? Love, Mom

  2. I admire your yard every time we come over, and with the snow, its extra special. You're very blessed (and not just with a beautiful yard)!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I didn't manage to get any before ours turned to slush. Is your pond frozen?


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