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Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had a great Easter weekend! It involved lots of baking, family time together, Easter egg hunts and Church services. Good Friday we went to our service in the morning where we remembered the sacrifice made by Christ for each of us. Our church does a 'Journey to the Cross' where artists are encouraged to express their feelings about their faith through art. The morning starts off with a beautiful breakfast, followed by a walk, or journey, through these exhibits. The journey ends with the cross and what it represents to all mankind. The service followed with beautiful worship music and readings from scripture. Friday evening we had an Easter gathering. Saturday was baseball and family time. Saturday night I baked Paska so it would be fresh to take to church on Sunday for the continental breakfast. Sunday we had Easter services celebrating the resurrection of Christ! We brought the puppies to church for the kids because their lesson was on new was easier than bringing one of the calves!!! After church we had a nice afternoon together and then off to an Easter family gathering with my family. Monday was a low key day. The kids had no school but Rob had to work, but it was still nice to relax. We ended the day with our usual Monday night dinner with our brother Ken. Great weekend...hope yours was great too!

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  1. What a great weekend! It's great to be reminded that God loves us more than we could ever imagine even if we aren't worthy!


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