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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We've been toying with the idea on and off over the past few years about whether or not we should host a Japanese student in our home. We figured it would be a neat experience for us and for our kids. So, this year we followed through with it and decided to go for it! We have been having a great time with Ayano. Ayano is a sweet girl and fits just fine into our family. To communicate we rely mainly on basic words, body language and sometimes draw pictures, but we're getting by just fine. The students came here through Global Partners and are here for 3 weeks. This particular group of girls wanted to experience Halloween in Canada. Our family isn't huge on Halloween but we do celebrate the beautiful fall season and all God's beautiful nature. Here are a few pics of Ayano. She wants to learn to cook and bake so she definitely came to the right home! So far she has been able to experience a bonfire cookout, a traditional turkey dinner (thanks Mom!), a traditional mennonite meal of perogies & farmer sausage, a tour of UBC, a trip to the local senior's home, a trip to Metrotown via the SkyTrain, and there are lots more activities planned in the weeks to come!

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  1. Great post! E and J really would like to meet her if it works out!


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