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Friday, October 2, 2009

Hosting the Heritage Ladies...

No, the title is not what you one came in costumes from the pioneer days and we didn't have any butter churning contests. The Heritage Ladies are a group of women from our church, Heritage Alliance. A couple of weeks ago I hosted these fine ladies for their fall kick-off wiener roast. Usually it's done over a fire in a field somewhere but with the burning ban still on we had to BBQ instead. I've hosted these ladies a few times in the past, a couple of times here and a couple of times at our 'old' place. I LOVE these ladies. The are a unique group of women who are dedicated to relationship with each other and Christ. I have similar relationships with girls who are at the same stages of life as I am, but these ladies are past the stage of young families and have much experience and wisdom to share. I love watching these ladies interact with each other and support each other through life's curve balls. To be able to spend and evening peeking in the window of this group was such a neat and encouraging experience. I have great relationships with a few of these women and I treasure them. They are incredibly supportive, especially to women who are experiencing difficult situations in life. I got to sit in with them on this evening and hear about their summer adventures, pray with them and feel uplifted by them. They are known as a fun and crazy bunch but it goes so much deeper than that. We sure missed you Marnie... So, thanks ladies for visiting our know you are always welcome here!

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