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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mama's Got Mail!

Woo hoo... I got 'fun' mail bills, no junk mail, just a yellow padded envelope that I'd been waiting for! A couple of months ago I joined an online Christmas Ornnament swap that was hosted by JoAnne. We each committed to making a handmade Christmas ornament that we would then send to a certain someone...everything had to be a secret..... The ornaments had to be in the mail by Nov 1. We each emailed a picture to JoAnne so she could post them on her blog and we could guess which one might be coming our way....well, funny enough the very one I had my eye on arrived in my mailbox today!!! So, a big thank you to Kris for her lovely handmade ornaments, and a big thanks to JoAnne for all her work in coordinating the swap! I LOVE them, and they suit my house perfectly! I love that she took the time to check out my blog and picked up on the fact that I am a plaid junkie! Thanks Kris for your thoughtfulness and hard work.....I am so excited to have these new ornaments for my tree this year...well, ok, one of my trees this year! This weekend I'll be putting up some of the Christmas decor in preparation for my Christmas open house the following weekend (see sidebar).....stop in if you're in the area! Bye for now! Sorry for the bad quality flash won't work...time for new batteries I guess:)


  1. Doncha hate that it's blog "etiquette" to be polite and show packaging etc before you rip open the package with all your might? I love your ornies, and you're right... they will suit your house perfectly!

  2. I got my ornaments yesterday and I LOVE them, thank you so much! Can't wait to put up my tree - I have to make myself wait until after Thanksgiving.

  3. You are so welcome Amy...I hope they will suit your home....our Thanksgiving is long over so my Christmas ornies are going up this weekend! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...even if it is a little ways away!

  4. I'm glad you like them - when I saw the post that you liked plaids I knew just what I was doing. It was great fun getting to know you through reading your blog!


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