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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We had a special time celebrating Mom this Mother's Day.  My mom is truly worth celebrating.  We didn't do anything fancy, just a supper here at our place.  My bro brought Mom a beautiful HUGE bouquet of flowers, and we gave her a huge moss hanging basket!  She went home with a lot of flowers!  My Mom  is continually committed to her family.  She prays for us, keeps in close touch with us, defends us, loves us, and always puts us before herself.  She loves her children equally and finds joy in her relationship with all of us.  She is truly a wonderful example to raise my family by.  My Mom is one of my dearest friends.  We laugh together, shop together, cook together, holiday together, coffee together, and the list goes on.  My Mom is a phenomenal Grandmother.  My kids love my Mom (and Dad too..but hey, this is a Mother's Day post!)  The kids know that Grandma is always on their side.  My mom makes a deliberate effort to make time us and for our kids and it shows in the way our children love her.   So Mom, know that you are so loved, and that we treasure every moment with you! You are a beautiful woman.  Really, Truly, Beautiful.

We did a BBQ style meal.  I made yummy ribs..they're a 'little' bit of work but SO worth it!  We topped it all off with strawberry shortcake!


  1. yum. looks like a great Mother's Day

  2. Andrea, I just now read this blog and am greatly humbled. I always look back and see the glaring errors I've made as a Mom. I can't express how very much you mean to me and I greatly value my relationships with each of you. Love the photos! Mom


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