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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

States Run...

That's our 'lingo' for heading south of the border for a little retail therapy around here! I still get a certain sense of adventure and fun from going across the line to shop. I've mentioned before that we're only 10 minutes away from the Sumas or Lynden border so it's really not much further than going to Langley or Vancouver to shop. The difference???? Cool stuff that we CAN'T get here..or can't get for the same price here. We do finally have a Bath & Body Works store somewhere near Vancouver, but the reality is, it's waaaaay more expensive than the ones in the States. And then there's Target. Target is beyond cool. Target has it all! So, all of this to say, last week I headed down south with my friend Beth and we did a run. This time we went further south to Burlington to some outlets. Beth needed to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress at a store in Burlington and I was more than happy to visit Carter's. We don't have Carter's here and this Carter's outlet is the closest to us.'s my loot....
First up...a bunch of fun tees for Isaac...and I didn't pay more than $2.80 for one of them! He also got a pair of denim overall shorts for $6, and the funky pair of Osh Kosh runners for $8. Great haul for this little man!

Next trip to any outlet is complete without a stop at the Rocky Mtn. Candy personal fav....caramel covered apple...mmmmm. Usually this treat is reserved for summer holidays but I couldn't resist! It's my Mom's favorite treat I made a special delivery to her that night:)

Next stop..Bath & Body. We were totally out of everything from there and I love their foaming anti-bacterial soaps and their room fresheners.

It was a fun day and I scooped some really great stuff for not too much $$$, and to boot...the kids were fantastic for the entire trip!


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