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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teacher Gifts...

Hi All! Well, the summer is finally more scheduled mornings, watching the clock for pick ups and all those crazy days. Last week was so busy with sports day, ceremonies, preschool grad and all the rest of it! This week it's nice to just relax and not have to do anything! I'm a little late with these pics but this is the teacher gifts we did this year. I like to do teacher appreciation stuff during the year so that there isn't some big expectation from myself for the end of the year. I was reading somewhere that teachers love anything consumable as far as gifts go so we went with these cookie tubes and tucked in a gift card for Starbucks. The idea was simple but it was a fun project to do with the kids. I managed to scoop the cookie tube tins for free from a friend who was getting rid of them so this truly was an easy budget gift!


  1. Yummy! I'll teach your kids if you bring me cookies! ;)

  2. They turned out lovely! Great job...

  3. Those gifts look great!
    So does that mean that the BIG teacher gift that everyone chips in for only happens in K? Or does it depend on who the class mom is?

  4. Hello, Andrea
    In Brazil, we celebrate the month of October the Teacher's Day and looking at your blog I saw two wonderful projects. Posted on my blog yours projects as gifts for the Brazilian scrappers. If you can´t please says that I deleted.

    My website:
    My Blog:


    Juliane - Research Team


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