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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We had a blast this New Years Eve! It was the first year that we decided to do a 'no kids' New Years Eve Party...weren't sure how this would go over but in the end...a huge success, athough I don't if the kids would agree:)
We invited a bunch of friends to our home and we had a wonderful evening of visiting, food, more food, games and good times. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends to celebrate with! Here's a few pics that I'm glad I remembered to take just as we welcomed in 2009!
We were even surprised by yet another snowfall! We had to laugh at all the minivans lined up in our driveway...there were 5 in total, not to mention the already departed Explorer and the ever impressive (if you ask my husband) John Deere sitting in the driveway on standby...
A huge thanks to our friends for a fun and memory filled evening! All the best to everyone in this new year!
PS...notice in the one picture how Depak was done partying after 10 minutes...but hey, we give him 'A' for effort...he was feeling a little under the weather to begin with.

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  1. Yup a good time was had by all. I cherish the time we spend with friends and this evening was no different. It's a blessing to find a place of comfort and joy and celebrate God's goodness in the past as well as anticipate His goodness in the future. Thanks for allowing us to join all of you to ring in the New Year.


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